Friday, September 26, 2008

Red Gate Tools

Before this year, I have only heard of RedGate but never used it.
Now I have, as a SQL Server DBA, they have one of the best tools available for SQL Server.
I made this comment only after I have played with TOAD, Idera tools, Quest LiteSpeed, a few other tools, and even Microsoft's own IntelliSense. And of course, having done a few usability sessions and surveys with Red Gate, they have one of the best people to work with as well.
You gotta love the British people, coffee or tea? ;-)
In the next few days I will write up on my experiences of the few products I use
  • SQL Compare
  • SQL Backup Pro
  • SQL Prompt
  • SQL Refactor
  • SQL Response
Not so often used, but included in Toolbelt anyway
  • SQL Data Compare
  • SQL Data Generator
  • SQL Refactor
  • SQL Dependency Tracker
  • SQL Docs
  • SQL Multiscript
  • SQL Packager

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