Friday, October 24, 2008

SSMS Tools Pack (for SQL Management Studio 2005/2008)

I want to share a tool (FREE) that I have used extensively to help in where SSMS lack in features (such as Generate Insert Statements, run Custom Scripts, etc...) - SSMS Tools Pack

The author released the SQL 2008 version just recently, and it has worked beautifully just like the 2005 version.

The SSMS Tools Pack does NOT work for SSMS 2005 versions before SP2 anymore.
SSMS Tools PACK is an Add-In (Add-On) for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

It contains a few upgrades to the IDE that I thought were missing from the Management Studio:

Query Execution History (Soft Source Control) and Current Window History.

Search Database Data.

Uppercase/Lowercase keywords.

Run one script on multiple databases.

Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard.

Search Results in Grid Mode and Execution Plans.

Generate Insert statements for a single table, the whole database or current resultsets in grids.

Text document Regions and Debug sections.

Running custom scripts from Object explorer's Context menu.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) stored procedure generation.

New query template.


  1. Here is another useful add-on for SQL Server Management Studio if you often reformat sql from others.

    SQL Pretty Printer Add-On for SSMS