Thursday, March 19, 2009

SQL Server Enterprise Policy Management

I came across the Enterprise Policy Management that utilized the SQL 2008 policy and serves a DBA's desire to centralize monitor/govern multiple database servers

Downloaded and set it up yesterday mostly fine, and the last obstacle was addressed today thanks to Lara's help - it really does NOT support "nested/2nd level" Central Management Server group

So far, my 2 test servers are 100% green :-)

Project Description

The Enterprise Policy Management Framework is a reporting solution on the state of the enterprise against a desired state defined in a policy. Extend Policy-Based Management to all SQL Server instances in the enterprise. Centralize and report on the policy evaluation results.

The Enterprise Policy Management Framework (EPM) is a solution to extend SQL Server 2008 Policy-Based Management to all versions of SQL Server in an enterprise, including SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. The EPM Framework will report the state of specified SQL Server instances against policies that define the defined intent, desired configuration, and deployment standards.

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