Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New SQL Skills I have learned from jobs - Part 2

This is a continuation of New SQL Skills I have learned from jobs - Part 1

High Availability Features - Mirroring and Log Shipping
  • Mirroring is a easy-to-setup high availability feature, the SSMS GUI makes it easy to setup as well
  • The Restore and manual Failover is the difficult part, especially for the front end application
  • Log Shipping is even better than Database Mirroring as it provides means to have a warm standby SQL Server with couple clicks and a network share
  • I was right to fear the powerfulness of the XML language
  • In its defense, XML provides means to store free-form data inside the database (i.e. you can consider XML a database inside a database column)
  • However, performances greatly suffer compared to RDBMS structures and manipulation is not as straightforward (finding syntax alone was a challenge - .modify, .value, .query, .exist, .node etc...)

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