Friday, November 7, 2008

REVIEW: xSQL Profiler

I came across the xSQL software website and realized they have a few Free SQL Server products, so being the curious monkey I am, I downloaded them and installed. Here's my first usage of xSQL Profiler and a short review

What I liked:
  • Easy to use and setup a quick trace
  • Filter (in both setting up or querying) and interfaces are better than SQL Profiler trace
  • Easy to define Category/Event Definition
  • Lets you pick a repository database
  • Custom Query Template is useful to find Top N queries by CPU time/Duration/Execution etc...
  • Able to schedule the trace (one-time/daily/weekly/month)
    • e.g. I can setup a Daily trace from 10am to 11am to get a snapshot of busy times
What could improve:
  • Let me think on it... maybe more licenses for the Free version (or for me?)
  • Uses up a lot of memory when Viewing Trace Data (e.g. to view 81000 rows, my local SQL Server memory incrased by ~200MB, and so did the xSQL.Profiler.UI.exe and took about 2~3 minutes to display

So far so good, it shall remain my first choice for Profiling for now, unless I am in Servers where it's not installed. Keep up the good work, xSQL! This is something Red Gate didn't have =P


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